Clear Aligners

Clear Aligners represent a minimally invasive orthodontic treatment that helps straighten teeth beautifully and quickly, as it helps in treating spaces between teeth, overlapping and crowding of teeth, deep and open bites, or extrusion or intrusion of teeth.

This type of orthodontic treatment of maligned teeth depends on digital dentistry and computer software programs that calculate the expected movement of the teeth very accurately and predict the final result before starting the treatment, so that the aligners are manufactured according to these expected movements and thus they are superior in this predictable results to the traditional braces that use metal and visible dental braces, which often depend on monthly dental visits, which also do not suit ( cosmetically) adults or workers in these fields that require Appearing in a professional Look.

Clear Aligners are characterized by their ability to finish orthodontic treatment half the time as traditional braces, and they are not attached to the teeth, as it requires wearing them for 20 hours a day so that they can be removed for four hours in order to take care of oral hygiene, eating and drinking.

Also, it does not need frequent visits to the dentist, as each step is completed within ten days and then followed by the next step of aligners for another ten days and so on, and the dentist visit is needed just one time every three months to get sure that the intraoral movement of teeth is going as it was planned digitally.

The beauty of clear aligners is that it is able to give a person the ability to maintain his/her natural dentition, maintain the original shape and health of his teeth, with the ability to have a bright and beautiful smile.

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