Computer-guided surgery

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Computer-guided surgery is an amazing medical development with unlimited advantages. It was initially practiced in neurosurgery and then was applied in oral and maxillofacial surgeries and dental implants. Although scientific studies confirm its unlimited feasibility, it is still of little use, in the United States in 2019, 2 million dental implants were implanted, and computer-guided implants were used only in 17,000 implants!!

Computer-guided implantation is a digital workflow, where the implant surgery is performed virtually according to the surgical and prosthetic needs of the patient, as the technique depends on determining the locations of the anatomical tissues, the amount of bone present, and the patient’s prosthetic and aesthetic needs.

Computer-guided surgery has many advantages, the most important of which is the ability to perform minimally invasive surgeries. It is possible to perform dental implants without opening, doing flaps, or elevating the gingival and oral tissues.

Planning for this type of dental implant surgery begins by taking tomographic images of the jaws and taking a digital scanning of the mouth so that they merge through special computer programs to obtain a virtual dental implant process that determines the positions, directions, and sizes of the implants, and then transfers this virtual planning through an accurate surgical guide to the mouth during the implant surgery. In Dr. Mansour’s Dental Practice, we are distinguished by using this technique on a routine basis, as our dental implants can only be performed using this technique because we are committed to following up on every scientific development and we are committed to practicing it at the best level.

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