Digital Dental Lab

We are proud at Dr. Mansour Dental Practice to have our In-house Digital Dental Lab as an essential part of our practice, where we can design and produce all of the needed dental prostheses and restorations our patients need in a digital workflow.

In our Digital dental lab, we are capable of having an innovative approach to dental care. This approach enables us to utilize advanced technology, such as intraoral scanners and advanced software, CAD/CAM milling machines, and 3D printers to aid design and manufacturing with unparalleled precision and efficiency in a short time, mostly, within the same day.

We are able to produce digital designs for various restorations and appliances, including crowns, bridges, veneers, dentures, smile design, and dental implant planning, using the original software from 3Shape Company in their latest versions.

In addition, we can produce the following restorations and appliances in our practice:

1-Crowns, Bridges, Screw retained digital implant prosthesis and Veneers using the original materials from the German company Ivoclar, these materials include IPS ZirCad prime Emax Cad, Empress Cad, and the subsequent finishing, staining, and adding materials.

2- Partial and complete dentures using the 3D printing Technology.

3- Orthodontic Retainers, Night Guards, Bleaching Trays, and Professional Sport Guards.

4- Snap On Smile.

5- Surgical Guides for Computer Guided Dental Implantation.

Utilizing digital customization and assemblage ensures that our patients receive the best fitting and highest quality products, even for complex cases. In addition, we are happy that this t improves our patient’s satisfaction, treatment success, and time-saving.

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