After more than forty years of proven success and efficacy in replacing missing teeth, dental implants are still considered the most important and effective development in dental science and the most successful method to replace the missing teeth in comparison with other dental prosthetic options, either the removable dentures of all kinds or fixed bridges.


But, despite all the success in its practice and despite the patients’ satisfaction with it, there is a percentage of patients or dentists who do not like Dental Implantation, and the most important point for their opposition is the long time required to obtain the final tooth in its place after extraction and implantation, which usually extends from 10-12 months, and therefore in recent years, the principle of Immediate implantation has spread, with a high success rate which approaches that of the traditional implant concept, with a shorter time and fewer visits by patients to the dental clinic.


The concept of immediate implantation means placing the dental implant in the place of the extracted tooth immediately after the extraction, and then the temporary teeth are installed on these implants within 48 hours only, using either implant that resembles the shape of the roots of the teeth as we do in our clinic or basal implants, which we do not use in our clinic because of Weak scientific evidence of its success compared to root-like implants.


The concept of immediate implantation has developed based on the patients’ desire to obtain teeth in place of lost teeth in a quick time, and thus this concept has played its role in these times when people cannot stay without teeth for a long time.


 Instead of an extraction session, followed by a transplant session after 6 months, followed by a session to uncover the implant after 4-6 months, which all exposes the patient to three surgeries. Here, in one session, all these procedures are done with a high success rate of 92%, and this leads in turn, to raise the percentage of patient satisfaction, reducing their pain and giving them their smiles back as soon as possible.


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