Do you often experience a clicking of the jaw, difficulty swallowing, jaw pain and frequent headaches? If so, you may be suffering from Myofacial pain dysfunction syndrome ( MPD )

MPD occurs when there is a problem in the entire TMJ itself, or a chronic muscular spasm of the masticatory muscles, which is the most common cause of it.

A lot of patients have been treated at our clinic for this chronic disease by using laser myofascial therapy.

Treatment of Jaw muscles pain using Laser

Treatment of temporal facial pain resulting from chronic tightening of the jaws chewing muscles using a laser, here, the lady cannot open her mouth more than 17 mm and suffers severe pain, the pain goes away directly from the first session, the mouth opening increased by 7 mm,  the patient needs 6-8 sessions To get to the mouth opening fully 40-45 mm.

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