We are proud in our Clinic for providing dental veneers without preparation ( lumineers ) using the latest Digital Dentistry Techniques, where digital dental impressions are taken without anesthetic injections and grinding of the teeth, then the smile is digitally designed according to the request of the patient and after his approval, the veneers are manufactured Using Emax Cad form Ivoclar company

Lumineers are characterized by their high transparency and similarity to the characteristics of the natural enamel layer of a tooth in terms of light reflection, luster, and natural appearance, also,  they are biocompatible with the tissues of the mouth without causing inflammation and tissue reactions, as well as there is no sensitivity after their cementation unlike veneers which mostly cause postop teeth sensitivity, due to the cutting of some of the enamel layer.

most importantly, the Lumineers, like veneers, are twice as strong as the natural tooth and are not subject to pigmentation, as they are characterized by continuous color stability.

The most important thing is that there is no needle and dental drilling, so why sacrifice the tissues of our natural teeth with regular veneers?!!!!

These cosmetic veneers are characterized by their thin thickness that can reach 0.3 mm, so they are like lenses, they give beauty in shape and color and most importantly give additional strength to the teeth without losing the natural dental tissues.

Aesthetic treatment using ceramic veneers without preparation is characterized by the speed of its completion. A full mouth case can be completed within 24 hours. This is because the technology provided speed and accuracy that did not exist in previous years. Also, cosmetic treatment using Lumineers is a reversible treatment, meaning it is possible to remove these Cosmetic veneers using lasers, cleaning the adhesive like cleaning the orthodontic adhesives and returning to natural teeth.

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